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Volunteer Opportunities

Regardless of whether you are travelling with a group, a few friends or as a single traveler, let RETUS Tours make your time in Costa Rica memorable. Volunteer for a day or even a few hours. It can be fun, exciting and an opportunity to learn something new.
Here are a few of the opportunities available to volunteer through RETUS Tours.
Hogar de Mariposas

Butterfly Sanctuary, Mollejones

From planting trees that the butterflies feed on, to moving the sanctuary tents, and flight cages, there is always something that needs to be done. Surrounded by some of the rarest species of butterflies in Central America, this is truly a memorable experience.
Hospedaje y Alimentación Mia

Farm Tour & Artisanal Cooking

Volunteering on a farm or at an Aquaponics Garden is good down-to-earth fun. This is a working farm, restaurant and cooking school. Your day might include planting in the gardens collecting produce from the aquaponic garden or helping prepare lunch. Every day is different and extraordinary.

RETUS-Costa Rica-Tours-Pottery
Pottery workshop

Taller Alfarero Mariesa, Turrialba

Preparing clay and clay forms for tour groups with Marielos Salazar in her pottery studio. Since this is dug from the earth, it needs special handling in order to become pottery. Learn first hand this age old technique while volunteering.

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